Success Stories

Recent Success stories:


Example 1

Our client (Mrs. A H) is the freeholder of a building in which there are two flats. She lives in one of the flats and the other has been purchased as an investment property. She approached us after receiving an offer of £1,000 from her leaseholders for a ninety year lease extension. We were able to advise her that a fair price would be £5,350.


Example  2

Our client (Mr. C I) is the leaseholder of a flat whose freeholder is a professional landlord with great experiece of leasehold enfranchisement. It was obvious from the outset that there was considerable animosity between the two! The freeholder had indicated that my client could expect his lease extension to cost at least £9,000 (including expenses). We were able to negotiate a premium of £6,500 with expenses limited to £750.


Example 3

Having previously found her freeholder "difficult", our client (Ms. J H) asked us to value and then negotiate her lease extension. The freeholders, who own a considerable number of ground rent investments, asked for £28,800. We were able to agree a figure of £24,000.