Lease Extension


Your Questions Answered:

Q. What Is A Lease Extension?

A. If you own a leasehold flat, and are a Qualifying Tenant, you have a statutory right to extend your lease by 90 years.


Q. What is a Qualifying Tenant?

A. To be a Qualifying Tenant you must have owned your flat for at least 2 years and the property must be residential, not commercial.


Q. Will a Lease Extension increase the value of my flat?

A. Very probably, yes.


Q. Will a Lease Extension give me increased security?

A. Yes. Your tenure will be secure for an additional 90 years; e.g. if you have 77 years unexpired this will become 167 years.


Q. Will a Lease Extension make my flat easier to sell?

A. Buyers may be put off if there are fewer than 99+ years remaining.


Q. Will a Lease Extension make my flat easier to mortgage?

A. If there are fewer than 70 years remaining, it is unlikely your buyer will be able to get a mortgage.



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NB. Don't wait until you have a buyer for your property!

Remember that most mortgage lenders will not lend where there is a term of less than 70 years remaining on a lease.




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